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      Do you know the etiquette and the taboo in a suit

      The source:adminTime:2015-05-22

      Men should pay attention to the suit wear method. A man dressed in suit, not the specific law pay more attention to wear. Do not comply with the specifications to wear suits, wearing a suit do what one wishes without restraint, it is a breach of etiquette ignorance.

      According to the basic requirements of the suit etiquette, the business man wearing a suit, be sure to pay special attention to the following seven aspects of the specific wear method for the suit:

      First, to remove the trademark on the sleeve. The cuffs of the sleeve on the left sleeve of the suit jacket are usually sewn to a trademark. Sometimes, there is a piece of pure wool logo there. Before wearing a suit, don't forget to remove them.. This approach, is tantamount to the announcement of the suit has been enabled. If suit through long after, sleeve trademarks still in place, like intentionally in order through the streets like inevitably met with laughter in the people.

      Second, to iron flat. Want to make a set of wear on his body suit looks beautiful and generous, the first thing is to make it appear neat and stiff, straight lines. To do this, in addition to suit dry cleaned on a regular basis, but also before each formal wear, the were serious ironing. Don't neglect this point, and the wrinkled, dirty, feeling lost, too horrible to look at.

      Third, to buckle good buttons. When wearing a suit, the buttons of the shirt, vest and trousers, have certain system method.. Among the three, the Department of the button is the top of the Department method. Generally speaking, when the stand, especially in front of a large crowd up after standing, the buttons on the jacket should be system to show seriously. Seated, suit jacket buttons are to unlock, to prevent the "distortion" aliasing. But, wearing a vest or sweater, wearing a single breasted jacket, was allowed to stand on the occasion of not wearing a shirt button.

      Usually, suits shirt button, single breasted jacket with double breasted jacket and practice the same. Single row of two button jacket buttons, put "buckle buckle down", is just the top button. Series single row three button suit jacket buttons and correct as there are two rules: either only the middle button, or above the two buttons. The double coat buttons, you can fasten the buttons are fastened.

      Wear a suit jacket, whether the individual wearing, still wearing it with matching suit jacket, should be carefully buttoned, and not permit allowed the freedom to open. In general, the vest only matched with a single breasted jacket. The number of buttons it more or less, but generally can be divided into single - and double two. According to the suit and dress practice, single breasted suit vest of the bottom of the buttons should not, and double row type waistcoat buttons must, all without exception.

      At present, the trousers pants on the door "gatekeeper", and some others are buttons, zipper. Generally, the former is more orthodox, the latter is more convenient to use. No matter in what way "closed" trousers to wear, all the time to remind ourselves that the buttons are on, or the zipper carefully pull good. Participate in important activities, but also quietly at any time to check, the trousers hook, should hang up.

      Fourth, or not roll. Wear a suit, be careful to care for their original state. In public places never publicly freely off under a suit jacket, not put it as a cloak like draped over the shoulders. Specifically, in any case, can not be rolled up the sleeves of the jacket. Otherwise, it is easy to give a sense of vulgar. In general, roll up trousers trousers, is also a kind of do not meet etiquette performance. Therefore, absolutely prohibit commercial personnel so and so.

      Fifth, be careful to wear sweaters. Business people want to wear a suit to have a "type" of "smell", so in addition to the shirt and vest, in a suit jacket, the best not to wear any other clothing. In the cold winter was, it should only temporarily change, put on a thin "V" monochrome wool or cashmere sweater. This will not appear too light whistle, will not impede their tie. Don't wear color, pattern is very complicated sweater or cashmere sweater, also don't wear buckle type of collar sweater or cashmere sweater. The latter buttons a lot, and the suit jacket at the same time, dazzling. Do not all of a sudden and wearing more pieces of wool and cashmere sweaters, vests, even with a hand knitted sweater. So at first glance, the neckline and ultimately will be structured, like irregular "terraces" as ugly; moreover also can cause the suit drum up unbearable, variant aliasing.

      Sixth, to skillfully with underwear. The standard method is suit to wear, do not wear cotton shirts inside or woolen vest, underwear. As for the shirt, and the T-shirt directly with the suit worn by the suit, it is not consistent with the specification. Because of special reasons, and need to wear a vest, underwear, there are three points of attention: first, the number of a limited. If you wear a number of pieces at a draught, it will inevitably make itself seem very bloated. Two is the color should be similar to the color of the shirt, at least not to make it less than the color of the shirt, so that the two contrast is distinct. Wearing dark, colourful vests, and lingerie, more easily to be a joke in a light or transparent shirt. Three is the style should be short.

      In the suit jacket, on the left side of the chest bag in addition to insert a decorative silk Maopa, are not allowed to put anything else, especially not should not pen, hanging glasses. The inside of the chest pocket, available to the pen, don't put the wallet or card holder, but don't let go of something greater than the thick or useless things. Two pockets below the outer side, in principle, to put nothing to better.

      In the vest pocket, with a decorative function, in addition to watch can be placed outside, should not put anything else.

      In the suit pants, two side pockets can only put paper towels, key bag or coin. The back of the two pockets, then mostly nothing to put anything.

      Finally, the business man to pay attention to suit. Familiar with the suit dress code, mostly heard a jargon: "suit charm not only depends on the suit itself to wear out, but with suits and other clothing a careful combination collocation comes out". Thus, with a suit and other clothing, wearing a suit for successfully, how important!

      Other men's suits:
      A bogey, short trousers, trousers pants length standard shoes cover.
      Two, do not put a shirt on the outer trousers.
      Three, avoid the collar is too large, there is a gap between the collar.
      Four, avoid glare color tie.
      Five, avoid tie is too short, the general tie length should be tie tip cover belt buckle.
      Six, avoid the shirt buckle don't buckle wear tie.
      Seven, avoid jacket sleeve is too long, shorter than the shirt sleeve short 1 cm.
      Eight, do not suit jacket, pants bag bag.
      Nine, avoid suit with sports shoes.
      Ten, avoid leather shoes and shoes color is not coordinated.

      Men's jacket sleeves should be shorter than the shirt sleeve 1-3 cm, 1000 don't forget to remove the cuffs of the logo. Jacket, pants bag suit not bulging. The double breasted suit must be buttoned, single breasted, two button button above a star or not buckle, single row three buckle buckle in the middle of a single or all does not buckle, single row four buckle buckle in the middle of the two stars.

      Tie color should not harmonious colors, generally tie length should be is the tip of the tie belt buckle cover. The position of the clip is placed in the shirt from the top of the shirt, and the suit is not seen on the tie clip after the button is fastened..

      The collar is not too big, wearing a tie to buckle the shirt collar button, there is a gap between not.

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