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      What kind of clothes to wear what kind of person

      The source:adminTime:2015-05-22

      Garment factory in Shenzhen recently conducted an experiment, is to wear clothes for different character will be different, this is the so-called what kind of clothes to wear decided you become what kind of person, why do you say so? We will use examples below to prove that this is true.

      Staff told participants, 1969, California Menlo Park, the police decided to try the Navy Blue military style uniforms for the more relaxed clothes, in order to enhance community relations. More than 400 other America police has also decided to participate in this experiment, let the police put on less formal clothes. Eighteen months, researchers told the police to complete the various tests. The results showed that and dressed in suits the police compared, the fewer policemen make autocratic behavior. During this time, the police caused a civilian injury incident fell by half. There was a man in the room next door, learning a new group of words, and when he made a mistake, they could carry electric shocks to him.. In fact, people in the next room is a nursery, electric shock device is completely false.

      When participants heard the man who heard the room next door made mistakes, they could choose to raise or reduce the number of rated shocks. As with the principle of "performance", wearing the same number of people as the 3K party to implement the electric shock than in a nurse uniform many more.

      People tend to think that wearing black clothes more authority, more aggressive behavior.

      In the American football game, the violation will be punished, the illegal team to back five, ten, fifteen yards. Frank calculated each team in the game back average code number, found a clear rule: wear black uniforms of the team compared to other teams, punished back code number is much larger, suggesting that their behavior in the game, especially with the attack.

      Shenzhen garment factory made another experiment, he found a batch of experimental participants, told them that they have the opportunity to implement electric shocks to some others. The experimental staff explained that before the shock, all the participants should take pictures, but the photos of their clothes are obscured. How to do this? The staff got two kinds of coat. One half of the participants wearing and 3K party uniforms similar robes, this experiment staff muttered explained: "I am not a tailor, the clothes just looks like the Ku Klux Klan uniforms." The other half were dressed in nurse service ("I was fortunate to borrow these nurses from the hospital for experimental studies."

      The results of the experiment are obvious -- the way that the dressing style directly influences your judgement.. Wear black clothes, you become autocratic, aggressive, comfortable clothes, you will become more tolerant and helpful. Generally speaking, when men wear suits, they feel more successful and full of positive energy, which in turn promotes them to perform better.. Not only men rely on clothes, all people, men and women and children have to rely on clothes.
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