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      Dress the things that need attention

      The source:adminTime:2015-05-22

      The difference between women's wear and men's wear is almost the same as that of the men's clothing, but it's different now.. Shenzhen garment factory according to your requirements for the design, production to help your corporate design mission to your enterprise appearance to look brand-new work clothes.
      On the market a wide range of pale line on the impact, work clothes with pale, such as rice is white, silver, pink and so on together orange, red and other bright also apply to work in service description, breaking the previous taboo. However, the traditional black, white, blue, grey still great developing space, these color choices will have to pay more attention to the styles of fashion, such as flrs in the use of deep coffee color, choose silk cloth, and the folds of the stacked flash feminine.

      Clothing color can be points three categories: red, yellow, orange and similar color is warm, give a person to feel the heat; green, blue is cool, give a person with the feeling of cold, green, purple is intermediate color; warm, summer choose cool color is the choice of the principle of the color of clothing.

      Clothing color should be used to reconcile, clothing will appear generous end. Also, when wearing business attire, be sure to pay attention to the coordination and fashion wear business attire is the pursuit of the people of the modern society, really fashion is not complex, does not need the colorful, also does not need to be exposed to jewelry ornament, as long as the appropriate choice, like shirt with pantyhose, can display the forefront.

      Dress taboo: buy cheap clothes, wearing shabby, outdated clothes, wear non natural materials, shabby clothes, seem to be a loser, looks very lazy and dirty; wear Taiji spirit, as beloved children, with too many gadgets decoration. Strengthen your body (too fat, too thin, disadvantage is too high, too high); weaken your outstanding advantage; your disadvantage, rather than wear information advantage; confusing -- you should always wear is active, and a self personality unity oath; the deployment of inappropriate clothing decoration; not suitable, too dazzling is wearing gaudy; grades, too vulgar mediocre, not let people feel refreshed; wear cheap shoes, wear cheap jewelry and clothing; the sale of precious mixes, it all looks inferior, sale, sale due to defective clothing is always outstanding when eye-catching; you need to wear elegant, precise, but wear casual, casual wear casual; with you people, not inconsistent with age; wear, seasoned people dressed like a young teenager, who wear too old.
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