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      What is the requirement for entering the high-end hotel

      The source:adminTime:2015-05-22

      What are the requirements for entering the high-end hotel to the clothing? Let the staff of the Shenzhen garment factory tell you! You can imagine that if you enter the high-end Stars Hotel, but it is not polite to wear clothes, it is more shameful thing ah! So what should the boys pay attention to? In many times, the boys feel are more casual, if you want to be formal, is wearing a suit, and did not say that tie, in fact, this is a very bad habits!
      The suit is the safest dress option.

      Upscale hotel men's dress taboo:
      1, glasses to wear the correct: glasses to stand in the middle of the bridge of the nose, not a half wearing, because that would seem very friendly, give you the gentleman gas greatly reduced.
      2, don't wear tight jeans: not wearing too casual shorts, tight jeans will outline the hip curve, let a person feel lack of man gas and formal sense.
      3, don't wear casual Shorts: shorts to wear will look too casual and exposing the legs, is very unsightly.
      4, do not ruffled collar: Although film neutral actor of the collar is very handsome, but in real life, that would be you seem very natural, too girly.

      High - grade hotel dressing notes:
      1, suit color and leather shoes color with dark advisable;
      2, a suit and tie is the safest and most popular dress up;
      3, wearing the color of socks best close to the color of shoes;
      4, if you want to enhance the sense of fashion, might as well from the tie to start;
      5, through different colors, can also create a stylish and elegant gentleman style;
      6, if you do not want to make themselves appear too formal, leisure suit is also a good choice.
      In the decoration magnificent hotel lobby, whether it is a casual or dress, fine men's suit is always choose the best, if you are a body leisure beach assembly flip flops, not only with the overall environment is not in harmony, make you seem rude and lack of taste. Many occasions are to participate in the dress has strict requirements, such as parties, receptions, concerts, and so on, because the dress is not only beautiful appearance manifested the participating in the taste and the activity itself. For high-grade hotels, the dress etiquette is a very important aspect.
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