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      Reasons and measures of positive and negative color difference for knitted fabrics

      The source:adminTime:2015-05-22

      Dyed knitted fabric, the general will be knitted fabric back to the dyeing machine after the dyeing machine. At this point the positive and negative color can be considered by the scouring process and the dyeing process itself caused by.

      Scouring and bleaching do not completely cause the positive and negative color, and it is the direct reason for the results of the dyeing.. Recently, with the use of small bath equipment and other treatment, scouring and bleaching process is gradually tending to rationalize. But from the effect point of view, the use of a lot of water treatment is ideal. Therefore, we must first confirm the quality of the scouring and bleaching process..

      To dye to dye penetration of unsatisfactory conditions, in direct contact with the dye and stain less contact between the surface and will appear permeability difference, causes the positive and negative difference. This is related to the affinity of the dyes used, and the dyes and dyes which are easily dyes on the surface are easily dyed with the dyes and used in color.. Affinity differences can be resolved through the correct choice of dye, but in addition to the selection of dyes, hard water will reduce the solubility of the dye, causing surface staining or in Tim force decreased solubility Koujian agent after the phenomenon. The problem of sudden color difference, generally with the water quality of the water has a great relationship.

      The choice of dyes is the key to solve these problems.. However, from the dyeing conditions, and with metal chelating agent or infiltration effect of good bath soft agent is also an effective solution.
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