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      The introduction of several kinds of textile clothing certification inspection in the world

      The source:adminTime:2015-05-22

      1 needle mark authentication test
      The production process of mismanagement, quilting clothing and other products tend to have residual broken needle (including needles, pins, etc.). In the eighties of the 20th century, because clothing residual broken needle caused harm to consumers events occur frequently, prompting the Japanese government in the form of legislation promulgated regulations on the protection of rights and interests of consumers, in order to strengthen the control of residual broken needles. According to the laws and regulations of Japan, the production and distribution of products, such as a broken needle existence, the producer or seller will be subject to heavy penalties. As to consumers caused by injury, but also for compensation. Japanese clothing importers in order to avoid the damage caused by the residual needle, not only requires the manufacturer to check the needle before the product, but also to set up a factory inspection needle work. The needle marks of a qualified product, suspension or needle affixed to the needle.

      2 "Q" label authentication test
      "Q" (Quality) is a symbol of quality products in Japan. From the inspection of fiber products with rich experience, the fair third instead of the consumer products, comprehensive inspection, the quality of the product reached a certain standard or more products, Q. The management of the mark is carried out according to the relevant rules of the "Q" label management committee, and the inspection of the product is carried out by the inspection agency of the relevant products.. The check the contents of the main: fabric have no defects, cutting, sewing, accessories and finishing is good; size and inspections, according to JIS specification checks, no JIS specifications of products according to the check mark; third, performance check, check fabric color fastness and washing the size change; fourth, processing processing agent to check, check whether the harmful chemical substances; five, mark check, according to the quality of household goods labeling examination has no tag and its contents is appropriate.

      3 "Ma mark" authentication test
      "Ma labeled" is, according to the provisions of the hemp textile association of Japan Association standard, its purpose is recommended so that consumers be assured of hemp products quality and applied ensure markings, with 100% hemp or flax blended "word mark. Many species of Ma, currently in the clothing exert marked only "ramie" and "linen", the mark of the certification also provides standard of mixing proportion.

      4 wool label certification inspection
      The owner of the pure wool mark - the international wool Bureau, established in 1937, has now become an international organization. The wool product mark of the international wool Bureau has three kinds of "pure wool mark", "high proportion blending mark" and "wool blend mark". The three signs products except wool content, the product standard is the same, only quality fully meet the international wool Bureau of quality requirements of the product in order to use international wool Bureau wool products labeling. All wool mark of wool fiber content is: using pure wool mark requires a pure new wool not less than 93%; a high proportion of blended mark, wool content shall not be less than 50%; the use of wool blend mark requires from wool content between 30% - 50%.

      5 SIF mark authentication test
      SIF labeled by approved by the Japanese Ministry of international trade and industry, is responsible for the clothing tests and inspections of the comprehensive inspection agency, sewing products inspection association association standard products to meet the be recognized markings. SIF mark is the abbreviation of the Consortium for the inspection of the consortium of the consortium.. SIF sent with professional knowledge of inspection personnel regularly go to factory inspection of the finished cutting, sewing and finishing, quality and according to the quality of household goods labeling inspection mark and based on the test results of sewing the processes of the quality management of the of all kinds of tour guide, only the excellent products be recognized and recommended tags. SIF has their own quality standards and inspection standards, certification and inspection is the main content: appearance inspection, including marks, appearance; washing fastness, including practical washing performance and washing after the appearance, wrinkling, washing shrinkage; fastness to dry cleaning; color fastness testing; physical performance tests, including fracture strength, tear strength, bursting strength, shrink rate, pilling, delinting; formaldehyde residues, sewing strength, sewing slippage test; accessories performance.

      6 Standardl00 Oko--Tex tag authentication test

      With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, human beings have a new understanding to their own environment, and put forward higher requirements for the quality of life.. Due to clothing products there may be harmful to human body material, such as formaldehyde, pesticides and harmful dyes, many developed countries has promulgated the a series of laws and regulations, on the import of goods developed a variety of environmental safety standards, the use of "Oko Tex STANDARD100" the most widely. New version of "Oko - tex STANDARD100" certification testing involves testing items in the pH value, formaldehyde, pesticide, water chlorophenols, harmful dyes, chlorinated organic carriers, dyeing fastness, volatile substances, smell and so on.
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