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      Enterprise culture

      • Our goal:

        The first brand Chinese women

      • Our vision:

        Women will spread to every corner of China, China in women's fashion elements become continuous leader!

      • Our mission:

        Promoting the culture of filial piety, to create value for customers, employees, shareholders

      • Our faith:

        The difference will persist in the end

      • Our purpose:

        Customer interests with the interests of the company

      • Our view of existence:

        Details determine success or failure, quality is life

      • Our service concept:

        The customer is always right.

      • Our behaviour:

        Seriously, fast, commitment

      • Our view of things:

        Don't blame, statement, happy work

      • Our criteria:

        To ensure the completion of the task, the data speak, never find an excuse

      Three no1、Don't fall down
      2、Not to be negative.
      3、Never say anything negative
      Three1、With a positive psychological expectations instead of negative psychological expectations
      2、With a positive attitude instead of a negative attitude
      3、Replace negative thoughts with positive ones
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